Volunteer Appreciation – #DayInThePark

12 August 2018 @ 12:00 pm – 4:00 pm
Picnic Shelter
Victoria Park
Matt Albrecht

The volunteers pose for a group photo
Some of the DITP 2018 Volunteer Crew: Gary Jones, Matt Albrecht, Michael Chumakin, Yenny Stronge, Bob Jonkman, Willem Jonkman, and Daniel Nascimento in front
We really appreciate our volunteers! For all those people who helped make this year’s Day In The Park a success, those who created posters and put them up, organized exhibitors, got permits, put up tents, hauled tables, raised banners, prepared kids’ games, provided information, and cleaned up — this day’s for you!

There will be food, beverages, and snacks. We’ll meet at the Picnic Shelter in Victoria Park Map, only steps from the Day In The Park.

OpenStreetMap showing the Picnic Shelter at Victoria Park

© OpenStreetMap contributors, the cartography is licensed as CC BY-SACC BY-SA

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