Anthropology for Social Activists

13 January 2018 @ 9:45 am – 11:45 am
1st Floor Boardroom, Waterloo Public Library
35 Albert Street
Waterloo, Ontario
Michael Chumakin

Human brain labelled with attributes (Ideality, Sublimity, Cautiousness, &c.) You are invited to attend the first lecture of a series “Anthropology for Social Activists”.

The word ‘anthropology’ covers all the disciplines related to humans both as individuals and as society.

  • Linguistics, semiotics and neuro-linguistic programming
  • general biology, the second signal system, psychology from Freud and Jung, egregores and Mind model
  • elocutive, formal and dialectical logics, taxonomy of intellectual implements on both individual and group scale
  • ontology, metaphysics, methodology and science, the material of society, power and related stuff, the science of governing and the laws of controlling, mind axioms

This is a very short list of topics to discuss. Yet each of these topics is something that we use when we ponder on deciding which way our society is going, how to assess the recent moves of the Canadian government, and what would be the best options for our communities.

My objective is to present a whole set of knowledge organized in a way that will help the participants make educated, very well grounded decisions with their efforts as social activists.

The pre-requisite for the course (bring in your dream of a social change) will help us focus on the practical outcome of all the theories and approaches in use; we will discuss what we learn.

Learning is not easy, it requires a special kind of effort. Your personal determination to make our social actions full of sense and good purpose will certainly help to overcome the learning difficulties and create the joy of breaking through intellectual barriers.

The first event is scheduled for
When: Saturday, 13 January 2017 from 9:45am to 11:45am
Where: Waterloo Public Library Boardroom (first floor, near kids quarters)
Location: 35 Albert Street, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada Map

See you there,
Michael Chumakin

Brain Chart Diagram from Pixabay used with a CC0Creative Commons Public Domain Dedication

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