Anthropology for Social Activists: Science and Language

10 February 2018 @ 9:45 am – 11:45 am
Boardroom, Waterloo Public Library
35 Albert Street
Michael Chumakin

Human brain labelled with attributes (Ideality, Sublimity, Cautiousness, &c.) You are invited to attend the second lecture of a series “Anthropology for Social Activists”.

At this time I would love to start with reviewing the major features of Science while paying special attention to the set of thinking tools associated with it.

Based on those distinctions one should be able to evaluate any theory or academic paper and determine if it really is scientific.

There is a concern though: do we really need to go that deep in theory? There are many scientists or people involved into scientific activities who do not know that much about science. My plan is to address this concern as well.

While discussing Science we have to know more about our special intellectual efforts. This raises the need to look into thinking tools taxonomy. Yet even before that we’ll have to learn about how animals developed their consciousness, what it is, and how it works.

The next step after consciousness is the mechanics of human language abilities.

Basically these are the two major topics for the next lecture: emergence of animal consciousness and its conversion into human speech consciousness.

As per the social projects I’ve been asking about: my personal social dream is to declare the Region of Waterloo a drug free zone. Free not only from fentanyl but from tobacco and alcohol as well. The opioid crisis is looming right in our neighbourhood… The data regarding the crisis in 2017:

Opioid calls, deaths still on rise despite incoming initiatives |

Please, send me couple lines about your personal social project.

The second event is scheduled for Saturday, 10 February 2018 at Waterloo Public Library, 35 Albert Street Map in the Boardroom (first floor, near kids quarters). Starts at 9:45 am, finish 11:45 am.

See you there,

Michael Chumakin

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